Madurai Original Mittai Kadai is a legacy of 140 years old Mittai Kadai. Started by Muthusami Chettiyar and passed on to the brothers late sri krishinamoorthy chettiyar and Sri Sundaresan Chettiyar, Madurai Original Mittai Kadai is a fifth generation shop today selling quality Ghee sweets and savouries with Top notch ingredients. 

We specialise in selling all Traditional South Indian Sweets and Savouries. With the changing dynamics of Selling, Your Madurai Original Mittai kadai has spread its wings in the online platform too. We aim to provide you with authentic ghee sweets and savouries that your taste buds long for. 

MOMK is the place you reach when you want sweets that melt in your mouth and drench your taste buds to satisfy the sweet tooth that you have.

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