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Madurai Original Mittai Kadai

Madurai Original Mittai Kadai, a cherished haven for lovers of traditional South Indian sweets and savouries with a rich legacy

With a history spanning 140 years, Madurai Original Mittai Kadai has become synonymous with the celebration of festivities, family gatherings, and cultural events. Our sweets have been a part of countless joyous occasions, making us an integral part of the community’s memories and traditions.  Madurai Original Mittai Kadai takes pride in preserving the authentic flavors and recipes that have delighted taste buds for over a century. Our sweet shop is a culinary landmark in the heart of Madurai, known for its unwavering commitment to quality and adherence to traditional methods. Every sweet and savoury is a result of our dedication to preserving the cultural essence of South Indian confectionery.

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The consistent patronage and loyalty of customers speak volumes about the satisfaction they derive from Madurai Mittai Kadai’s offerings. The brand prides itself on exceeding customer expectations and creating memorable culinary experiences. Beyond the delectable sweets, Madurai Mittai Kadai offers a warm and welcoming environment. The staff takes pride in providing personalized service, creating an overall delightful and memorable customer experience. In choosing Madurai Mittai Kadai, you are not just choosing sweets; you are embracing a culinary journey deeply rooted in tradition, quality, and the celebration of authentic South Indian flavors.

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